About Us

avertua is a small business that was created with the sole purpose of supporting your small business. We are your consultants, your researchers, your out-of-the-box thinkers, your resource for anything and everything that will make your business run faster and stronger.


Here are some facts about our avertua and our virtual assistants:

  • We are a professional full-service virtual assistant firm providing high-quality service and ongoing support to help you streamline your business.
  • We are committed to giving your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition. We do this by learning the ins and outs of your company and building a long-term collaborative relationship with you.
  • We work virtually, headquartered in New Jersey. Being a virtual business means you can benefit from developing a partnership with us whether you're located down the street or across the country. And you don't need to provide office space, equipment, training or benefits for us to do our job.
  • We have you covered! With a team of highly qualified and experienced virtual assistants, we can get it done, whatever it is and whenever you need it. We guarantee innovative solutions, exceptional service and unrivaled quality with every project we take on.
For more information, please request a free consultation.


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