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We are very relationship-focused at avertua. We want to know you and your business so we can support you in the most complete way possible. It starts with a simple introduction, but the goal is to develop a long-term partnership. Here is the rundown of who you can expect to work with at avertua.

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Alyssa Gregory

alyssa gregoryAlyssa founded avertua in 2003 to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with all-around support that makes their lives easier and businesses more productive. Alyssa's background is in design and writing, and she uses that combination to support her clients in unique ways.

In 2011, Alyssa founded the Small Business Bonfire, a community that gives entrepreneurs at all stages of development a place to network, make connections, learn from their peers and boost their success.

She is also the founder of the Virtual Assistant Hub, a website created for collaboration and knowledge sharing among virtual assistants and clients of virtual assistants. In 2008, Alyssa's first book was published: VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider's Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant.

Alyssa is a small business enthusiast and shares small business news, tips and resources as the Small Business Information Guide on, as the lead business blogger on, and on the Small Business Bonfire Blog.

As a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), Alyssa is an IVAA Certified Virtual Assistant (CVA). She earned a B.A. in Communications with a major in Corporate Communications and minors in Business and Journalism from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Listen to Alyssa share her insight about the virtual assistance industry on the radio.

patty dostPatty Dost

Patty is the team's all-around, go-to team member. She handles everything from standard day-to-day business support tasks to special projects. She is known to get things done quickly and correctly, and she consistently shatters expectations by going above and beyond.

dixie grouttDixie Groutt

Dixie is one of the team's e-mail marketing specialists, with an eye for the technical side. She is a exceptional communicator, and skilled in website development, database design, data analysis and reporting. She has an admirable work ethic, is especially thorough, and consistently delivers excellent work, on time.

laurie mappLaurie Mapp

Laurie excels at Internet research, email management and many other areas of daily business support. Laurie's background as a legal assistant gives her a unique perspective in her work. She is enthusiastic, responsive and makes even the most daunting projects easy.

patty dostElizabeth Robinson

Liz is the team's technical guru. She typically works behind the scenes, handling anything with a technical edge, quickly and competently.

cherie smithCherie Smith

Cherie is a customer service expert and provides unmatched service when it comes to reaching out to clients and their own clients. She also has a knack for documenting processes, researching solutions and creating error-free documents. Cherie is highly dependable, professional and detail-oriented, and she brings an energetic can-do attitude to the team.

marilyn staffordMarilyn Stafford

Marilyn has a broad range of skills, including everything related to the Microsoft Office suite, coordinating events and travel arrangements, and organizing anything. She also has a very special ability to find creative solutions to even the biggest of problems, making her our resident problem-solver extraordinaire.

kelly williamsKelly Williams

Kelly is a bookkeeping and 1ShoppingCart specialist, and brings a high level of integrity and a great sense of humor to the team. Kelly is also a whiz in WordPress design, affiliate program management and ebook development. Kelly is Master Cart Certified by Practice Pay Solutions and VA Certified by the Shopping Cart Queen.

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